Definition of chewy in English:


adjectivechewiest, chewier

  • (of food) needing to be chewed hard or for some time before being swallowed.

    ‘the rye bread has a nice, chewy texture’
    ‘cook the meat too long and it will end up tough and chewy’
    • ‘They have a chewy texture not unlike meat and, since they are basically tasteless, you can flavour them any way you like.’
    • ‘Heavy, chewy food such as red meat can soften that sensation.’
    • ‘The whole dish was far from disappointing, but some of the meat was incredibly chewy.’
    • ‘Clever use of lemon juice, vinegar, fresh pepper, and chewy meats can compensate for the shortcomings of ordinary wines.’
    • ‘It was the kind with the hard outside and then a thick but slightly chewy fruit flavored middle.’
    • ‘They can be sweet or savoury, and range in texture from soft, ephemeral desserts to chewy confectionery.’
    • ‘Before dinner was even served, we had devoured a basket of chewy bread and a bottle of unlabeled wine.’
    • ‘It's made with chewy fruit, onion, eggs and bits of pork cooked up with cassava.’
    • ‘He peeled back the wrapper carefully and took a bite from the end of the chewy chocolate bar, munching thoughtfully on it.’
    • ‘I prefer to use brown rice for this recipe because I think it is delicious with its nutty, chewy texture.’
    • ‘They bought a large bag of the delicious chewy candy and continued on to their final destination.’
    • ‘The result is a rich, thick soup with a large portion of tender pork leg, bamboo shoots, mushroom and chewy pork tendon.’
    • ‘The chewy grains of rice are covered in a milky pudding to create a smooth taste.’
    • ‘It was a kind of stew that seemed to consist entirely of chewy meat and flecks of vegetables.’
    • ‘Buy some chewy onion flatbread to nibble alongside, and serve a crisp Riesling and icy lemonade to sip.’
    • ‘Today wild rice with its nutty flavour and chewy texture is considered a delicacy, often served as part of gourmet meals.’
    • ‘This slice is chewy and irresistible: you just have to have another piece!’
    • ‘She sat at the table enjoying the soup filled with large chunks of meat and soft chewy vegetables.’
    • ‘I ended up picking out the crab avocado centres and rejecting the chewy rice.’
    • ‘The musky, earthy flavour and almost chewy texture of the mushrooms contrast perfectly with the creamy rice.’
    tough, hard, hardened, fibrous, gristly, sinewy, stringy, leather-like
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mass nounBritish
  • Chewing gum.

    ‘I had forgotten my chewy’
    • ‘I used to have the chewy goin' all day.’
    • ‘We spent the next ten minutes trying to get chewy and sand out of my crush's hair.’
    • ‘I hope you choke on your chewie.’
    • ‘A waiter spotted picked up a lump of her discarded chewie.’
    • ‘I swallowed my chewie, it's stuck in my throat.’


  • chewy on your boot

    • informal A spectator's call intended to discourage or mock a player.

      ‘the opposition yell, ‘chewy on your boot!’’
      • ‘He then followed up quickly with, "chewy on your boot".’
      • ‘Yelling chewy on your boot to someone taking a shot at goal is not sledging but accepted general by-play in the game.’
      • ‘"I could have kicked that!" is a much more pointed and harsher form of the old-fashioned admonition, "Chewy on yer boot!"’
      • ‘"Oh chewy on your boot," Tom said sourly, as Lucy and Byron exited.’
      • ‘"Chewy on your boots, Vlad!" he cried.’
      • ‘As the opposition kicks for goal, yell: "Chewy on your boot!"’