Definition of cheval glass in English:

cheval glass

(also cheval mirror)


  • A tall mirror fitted at its middle to an upright frame so that it can be tilted.

    • ‘Ali ran her fingertips over her grandmother's mirror, remembering the many times she'd seen her grandmother checking her appearance in the old cheval glass.’
    • ‘Improved skill in mirror making also made possible the introduction of the cheval glass, a freestanding full-length mirror, supported on a frame with four feet.’
    • ‘Considered as furniture, mirrors were made in many styles and sizes from small courting glasses to full length cheval glasses.’
    • ‘To the right of the composition is the back edge of a small cheval glass.’
    • ‘He set down his wineglass and, taking her by the shoulders, turned her to the cheval glass she'd avoided up until now.’
    • ‘Kelley Furniture offers a wide variety of cheval mirrors and wall mirrors.’
    • ‘A young woman with long dark hair, wearing a red long-sleeved dress and white surcoat, kneels, looking at her reflection in a large cheval glass which stands on the floor.’
    • ‘The Stratford beveled edge cheval mirror adds dimension with classic lines and a walnut finish.’
    • ‘Whether it's the living room, bedroom, bathroom or foyer our cheval mirrors enable you to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary display of charm and grace.’
    • ‘After several requests from his wife for a cheval mirror, and many discarded sketches later, McAfee finally was satisfied with this design.’
    • ‘The oblique back view of the cheval mirror in Boucher's picture evokes a convention with a long and venerable history in painter's self-portraits.’
    • ‘She found herself staring motionless at her reflection in the tall cheval glass, and quickly finished unbraiding her hair, thinking fixedly of things other than that sorrow.’


Mid 19th century: cheval from French, in the sense ‘frame’.


cheval glass

/ʃəˈval ˌɡlɑːs/