Definition of chestnut-coloured in English:



  • Of a deep reddish-brown colour.

    ‘chestnut-coloured cattle’
    • ‘One bird soared overhead, displaying dark flight feathers, white coverts, and a chestnut-colored bib.’
    • ‘The back, wings, and crown of the adult is a deep blue like the Barn Swallow, but the Cliff Swallow has a light belly, chestnut-colored face, dark throat, and pale gray nape.’
    • ‘Her shiny chestnut-colored hair is up, in a chignon, neatly so -- strands all running smoothly and in the same direction, like her purpose and resolve; her eyes blaze.’
    • ‘Emilia was a beauty, with her classic features, her skin like porcelain, and her rich, chestnut-coloured curls.’
    • ‘It may seem like quite a leap - from carpentry to poetry - but as Braid and I chatted by a chestnut-coloured wooden table, surrounded by rainbows of hardcover books behind glass-door bookcases, she explained that it was actually because of construction that she began to write poetry in the first place.’
    • ‘Some neighbours said the chestnut-coloured dog was normally placid and might have been disturbed by fireworks being set off to mark New Year.’
    • ‘Tom's chestnut-colored hair is shorter too, and there's a maturity in his eyes that wasn't there three years ago.’
    • ‘For the last twenty minutes we've been caught behind an open truck of chestnut-colored horses, a situation I can't get used to.’
    • ‘Gillian grabbed a brush to comb out her long, stunning, chestnut-colored hair.’
    • ‘He caught a glimpse of a bright, chestnut-coloured tail with a dark band across it, and knew it was a bird he had never seen before.’
    reddish-brown, red-brown, dark red, titian, titian red, tawny, russet, chestnut, copper, coppery, copper-coloured, rust-coloured, rufous, henna, hennaed
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