Definition of cherimoya in English:


(also chirimoya)


  • 1A kind of custard apple with scaly green skin and a flavour resembling that of pineapple.

    • ‘In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the metal blade attachment, combine the cherimoya, lime juice, and panela and purée until smooth and the sugar is dissolved, about 45 seconds.’
    • ‘Initially, they were investigating fruits that appear frequently in the flavours of wines grown in warmer climates, but cherimoya, melon, papaya, passionfruit and banana all proved incompatible with Vitis vinifera.’
    • ‘Try a cherimoya - a creamy, sweet tropical fruit that tastes a lot like vanilla pudding.’
    • ‘Try nectarines, star fruit, cherimoyas, passion fruit, kiwis or any of the countless items of produce most quality supermarkets stock.’
    • ‘The flavour of the pink varieties has a pleasant acidity like that of the cherimoya, while that of the green varieties is sweeter and closer to the sugar-apple.’
    • ‘At Cedar House you get not only the farm's own just-roasted coffee but an array of delicious tropical fruits like apple bananas, starfruit, and cherimoyas - all grown on the farm or very nearby.’
    • ‘Both atemoya, grown in Florida, and cherimoya, grown in California, have green, leathery skins with either scales or a notched, medallion-like design.’
  • 2The small tree which bears the cherimoya fruit, native to the Andes of Peru and Ecuador.

    Annona cherimola, family Annonaceae


Mid 18th century: from Spanish, from Quechua, from chiri ‘cold or refreshing’ + muya ‘circle’.