Definition of chequered flag in English:

chequered flag


  • A flag with a black-and-white chequered pattern, displayed to drivers at the end of a race.

    • ‘How did you feel as you crossed the chequered flag?’
    • ‘The eventful race which followed concluded with the team crossing the line 4th in class at the chequered flag and thus securing valuable points in the championship.’
    • ‘Even though our drivers did not score any points in the race, we decided to pass the chequered flag out of respect for the spirit of the new rules.’
    • ‘He won pole position with a blistering qualifying time and controlled the race leading from the green light to the chequered flag, registering the race's fastest lap in the process.’
    • ‘However, the order them remained unchanged to the chequered flag.’


  • take the chequered flag

    • Finish first in a race.

      ‘defending champion Lyons went on to take the chequered flag’
      • ‘Those men have a sole agenda on race day: to take the checkered flag.’
      • ‘Tom took the chequered flag in eighth place, gaining three points in the championship plus an extra point for leading the race.’
      • ‘Apart from the birth of my two children, there's no better feeling than crossing the line and taking the chequered flag.’
      • ‘He started on pole in both the races and took the chequered flag with comfort.’
      • ‘I was not exhausted at all when I took the chequered flag and I didn't sweat too much.’
      • ‘I'm upset that I wasn't able to finish the race and take the chequered flag today.’
      • ‘Despite that, though, I'm pleased with the result, and pleased for the team that both cars took the chequered flag today.’
      • ‘He took the checkered flag at this race one year ago.’
      • ‘For the remaining six laps, it was a case of consolidation and a very relieved Carroll took the chequered flag in fourth place.’
      • ‘However, both drivers were able to take the chequered flag in the 67-lap race.’


chequered flag