Definition of chequebook journalism in English:

chequebook journalism


  • [mass noun] The practice of paying a large amount of money to acquire the exclusive right to publish a person's story in a newspaper.

    ‘the shows mix gratuitous titillation and chequebook journalism’
    • ‘The subject was chequebook journalism and whether broadcasters should pay good money for the stories of those who find themselves at the heart of the whirlwind of instant fame.’
    • ‘It was an era before distrust, cynicism, agents, and chequebook journalism permanently soured the relationship between footballers and hacks.’
    • ‘Any chequebook journalism proceeds are probably going to be absorbed by lawyers' fees anyway, and might sometimes save taxpayers the cost of funding the criminal's defence on legal aid.’
    • ‘The NUJ wants the council's code of conduct to include greater protection for editors from commercial pressure by newspaper owners and a ban on chequebook journalism.’
    • ‘Sure, it's about money, but just as importantly it's about control - which makes it a deal that could change the nature of chequebook journalism.’
    • ‘The NUJ is opposed to chequebook journalism and it is a breach of the NUJ code of conduct.’
    • ‘The case raised new questions about chequebook journalism and the tainting of trials by payments to witnesses.’


chequebook journalism