Definition of chequebook in English:



  • A book of printed cheques ready for use.

    • ‘We turned these stamps into the federal agency in charge and were given checkbooks with a total number of credits for all the stamps we had submitted.’
    • ‘For the next six years I learned to live the way the rest of the world lives, on credit and a precariously balanced checkbook.’
    • ‘The checkbook clicked open and she began writing for the electric bill.’
    • ‘Not only that, the chief executives of media companies tended to be football supporters as well: fans with fat chequebooks.’
    • ‘But don't put your chequebooks away, it will be ready soon.’
    • ‘In the past, it was mainly chequebooks that people would use for impulse buys but now credit cards have completely taken over.’
    • ‘Then tell his parents to get their chequebook out.’
    • ‘However, as I said earlier, these defensive frailties can be easily rectified without reaching for the chequebook.’
    • ‘However, fewer people carry the checkbook to pay for purchases in stores.’
    • ‘The more things you carry, checkbooks and credit cards, the more you give them to steal.’
    • ‘Cashiers seem surprised, almost bothered, when I pull out the checkbook.’
    • ‘Her home checkbooks, computers, private papers and car were seized.’
    • ‘The study found that only 36 percent of teens know how to open a savings account, and even less know how to balance a checkbook.’
    • ‘This is what happens when you combine profligate spending with a complete lack of interest in balancing your checkbook.’
    • ‘Arriving at the restaurant, I grab my checkbook and hope for the best.’
    • ‘That is a good exit strategy for all small businesses, although no one is waving chequebooks under our noses just at the moment.’
    • ‘Joe took out his checkbook and wrote out the check and handed it to the worker.’
    • ‘Maybe meeting a mortgage and balancing a checkbook doesn't make for good theater.’
    • ‘And she got our her checkbook and wrote me a check for the bill - and paid for all 450 guests.’
    • ‘It was only when they got their chequebooks out that I took them seriously.’
    • ‘I buy shares when they look cheap, and if others wish to ditch their shares in the summer, I could be ready and waiting with my chequebook in hand.’
    • ‘People pulled out their checkbooks and dropped bills into our bucket.’
    • ‘Not many of us can break out the checkbook and write a check to cover such business expenses.’
    • ‘These are papers written by local people for local people, without the aid of chequebooks - and with a respect for the truth.’
    • ‘Many malls and big box stores will open long before dawn with deep discounts, in-store promotions and anything to get spenders and their checkbooks out of bed.’
    • ‘It's also an opportunity of a lifetime to be noticed, because all the provincial coaches will be there, with chequebooks flapping in back pockets.’
    • ‘So the checkbooks come out and we write our modest contributions to one or another US-based group that sends funds to India.’
    • ‘It is true that I own the money in the account, and I certainly double-check my bank by balancing my checkbook.’
    • ‘First-time buyers can once again put away their chequebooks.’
    • ‘Further inspection of the small print is required before you whip out your chequebook and pen.’
    • ‘I think about her every time my fingers touch a keyboard or turn the page of a book or balance my checkbook.’
    • ‘It's amazing how relaxed I feel once my room is clean and errands have been run and deadlines have been met and checkbooks have been balanced.’
    • ‘He added that all he wanted to do was to return to using a chequebook with a cheque guarantee card, which is why he returned his PINs to the bank.’
    • ‘In Washington, personal responsibility clearly does not apply to companies that may not be able to balance their books but know how to open their checkbooks.’
    • ‘The people with the chequebooks at production studios preferred to play it safe and give the green light to directors to do what they do best.’
    • ‘A large chunk of its nearly $3 million budget came from their personal checkbooks.’
    • ‘We took our checkbook with us, and planned to fill out the preliminary application while we were there if we liked the agency.’
    • ‘He, without giving me a chance, pulled out his checkbook and wrote them a check.’
    • ‘As soon as the story disappears from the front page, our charitable tendencies begin to fade, and the chequebook returns to the inside pocket.’