Definition of cheque card in English:

cheque card

(also cheque guarantee card)


  • A card issued by a bank to guarantee the honouring of cheques up to a stated amount.

    • ‘Besides bank, credit and cheque cards, the lucky thief had snatched himself the girls rent money for the month, which she had just withdrawn from an ATM.’
    • ‘The courts have adopted a particularly zealous approach to cases involving a cheque card or credit card.’
    • ‘I was determined not to let go of my handbag because I had my cheque guarantee card and cashpoint card in it.’
    • ‘She doesn't accept cheques without a cheque card.’
    • ‘Fortunately the brown leather wallet contained only a small amount of cash and a cheque guarantee card.’
    • ‘He added that all he wanted to do was to return to using a chequebook with a cheque guarantee card, which is why he returned his PINs to the bank.’
    • ‘If you really cannot use the new system then you can always pay by cheque - no PIN will be required when you use a cheque guarantee card.’
    • ‘It was also the first Scottish bank to offer cheque guarantee cards to its customers and the first British bank to invest in computer terminals for its tellers.’
    • ‘For example, one couple had signed a mandate agreeing to be ‘jointly and individually’ liable for any overdraft, and the mandate could not be cancelled unless both cheque guarantee cards were returned.’
    • ‘The third type of card is the cheque card or the cheque guarantee card.’


cheque card