Definition of chemo in English:



mass nouninformal
  • Chemotherapy.

    ‘after nine months of chemo, her hair has grown in again’
    • ‘He thinks I may have to undergo chemo although that may not be suitable considering my HIV status.’
    • ‘I have made a decision about not doing chemo and that's it.’
    • ‘She spoke of getting through surgery and facing chemo.’
    • ‘This is like a doctor telling you that you have cancer but you can't start chemo for two years.’
    • ‘She proceeded to tell me that I was going to have to have chemo, which would make my hair fall out and I'd probably put on weight.’
    • ‘I met a chap in the hospital who had four years under his belt, and remember another who had his first chemo with me and died a fortnight later.’
    • ‘Why one person walks in and responds to chemo and the other does not and succumbs to their illness is still somewhat of a mystery.’
    • ‘Tuesday, it seemed like Tony was doing pretty well, all ready for another round of chemo.’
    • ‘For a few months before he started chemo, he would cry himself to sleep and I'd go into his room and cuddle with him.’
    • ‘Her chemo was completed in January after eight sessions.’
    • ‘They have never seen anybody react to this chemo the way I have, and come back so quickly.’
    • ‘The cancer has already spread to her lymph nodes and the doctors say, while they can do chemo, nothing is guaranteed.’
    • ‘Lance visited the laboratory eight months after finishing chemo.’
    • ‘He was in the last stages of a hard fought battle, and he gave up on hospitals and chemo and doctors in general.’
    • ‘‘No more chemo for me,’ he says, managing a smile as we trudge off through the mud and rain.’
    • ‘This makes it particularly useful for increasing tolerance of chemo and radiation therapy.’
    • ‘This will not interfere with chemo, it's not an antioxidant, but it helps protect immune function.’
    • ‘He has six courses of chemo to go and then more radiotherapy on his spine and on his lungs.’
    • ‘Mastectomies, chemo and radio therapy were the norm and there was no way of telling which treatment would work best.’
    • ‘He needs more chemo, plus radiation, and a bone marrow transplant.’