Definition of chemisette in English:



  • A woman's undergarment similar to a camisole.

    • ‘The fleshy, red neck should be softened with powder and discreetly veiled in chemisettes of chiffon and delicate net.’
    • ‘Simpler shorter sleeved chemises were worn under the long-sleeved day dresses, together with fine lawn chemisettes or tuckers underneath to cover the bust and protect from sun.’
    • ‘It is a fine hand embroidered muslin chemisette with a double ruffle.’
    • ‘Small reversed collars are worn with chemisettes half high at the throat.’
    • ‘Many bodices had V-shaped necklines and were worn with variety of chemisettes and large white collars, or pelerines, became a popular accessory.’
    • ‘The bosom of the chemise became a chemisette or vestee and was fastened by light stitching to the front or neck of the dress.’
    • ‘The pattern includes 6 collar styles that can be used on the chemisettes, many of which can be also made as separate collars to be tacked directly to the bodices.’
    • ‘The preferred term in the 60's for the chemisette was the ‘Spencer.’’
    • ‘During the 19th Century the chemisette goes in and out of style which makes exact dating difficult.’
    • ‘The little chemise, or modernly known as the dickey, the chemisette was worn from Regency through to American Civil War as a daywear modesty panel in place of the more old fashioned fichu.’
    • ‘Necklaces or very thick chains have become indispensable with a low dress, and are also worn with the high chemisettes and Swiss bodices.’
    • ‘The toilette is very elegant for yachting or for morning calls in the country, and is here portrayed made of white duck, with the chemisette and cuffs of fancy percale.’
    • ‘If done in this order, only the chemisette and corset need to be washed regularly.’
    • ‘The front opening of the chemisette also has red decorative stitching.’
    • ‘A set of undersleeves and a chemisette with collar would have been worn under the bodice.’
    • ‘If you do choose from the color chart the chemisette will be a custom order so choose your size carefully as there is no return or exchange on custom orders.’
    • ‘Similarly, the collar of the woman's chemisette is typical of the period 1848-52, as are the narrow undersleeves.’
    • ‘Consisting of three pieces: a bodice, skirt, and a chemisette or dickey, the dress reflects the fashionable style of the late nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Some parts of the pattern are rated ‘intermediate,’ like the stays, but the chemise and chemisettes are simple enough for a beginner.’
    • ‘I'm definitely not a fan of chemisettes, as seen on the right, so I made the fichu on the left, which is just a triangle of cotton netting.’


Early 19th century: French, diminutive of chemise.