Definition of chemical toilet in English:

chemical toilet


  • A toilet that is not connected to a sewage system but has a compartment in which waste is treated with chemicals for temporary storage.

    ‘the chemical toilet had been emptied and cleaned’
    • ‘Rows of chemical toilets line the streets, serving approximately five households each.’
    • ‘The tourism department now insists on all boats having chemical toilets, which need be cleaned once every few months.’
    • ‘Its outside chemical toilet was blown away in gales in January.’
    • ‘The public toilets have been cleaned up and three chemical toilets have been placed in the park.’
    • ‘Its odour eliminator is so powerful that it is used in the chemical toilets at Glastonbury Festival.’
    • ‘It was only about 20 years ago when the first sewers were put in the village; before then the village was serviced by chemical toilets.’
    • ‘In those days it was a fifteen hour ride, with only one chemical toilet at the back.’
    • ‘They don't yet have the lavatory connected and are using a chemical toilet.’
    • ‘The small shower in his own bathroom and the chemical toilet sufficed for pressing hygienic needs.’