Definition of chemical-free in English:



  • 1(of farming or cultivation) not involving the use of artificial chemicals, especially pesticides or fertilizers.

    ‘a sustainable, chemical-free, grass-based livestock operation’
    • ‘It received organic certification in its first season because by that point the farm had already been chemical-free for three years, since 1997.’
    • ‘Because of the difficult economics of organic farming - even with the substantial help of the organic group - people need dedication, support and vision beyond finances to stick with chemical-free farming until it becomes profitable.’
    • ‘When farmers become part of the Fairtrade system, it is also easier for them to convert to organic, chemical-free production, because they have support in terms of training, and advice on organic methods.’
    • ‘Together they market 30 acres of produce, employ a wide variety of chemical-free agricultural techniques, and eat three meals a day together.’
    • ‘Both recycling and chemical-free gardening relies very much on using friendly wildlife to maintain a true balance in the garden.’
    • ‘Our collective choices determine whether small farmers will survive and whether chemical-free farming will succeed.’
    • ‘The company brews its own selection of nine stouts, ales and lagers in Dublin using chemical-free, unpasteurised brewing methods.’
    • ‘If you want to encourage wildlife, you must practice chemical-free gardening - weed killers are out.’
    • ‘They were won over by the health-giving and income-generating capacity of chemical-free methods of cultivation.’
    • ‘A number of growers in regions with a suitable warm, dry climate have adopted chemical-free growing programmes for no reasons other than economy, and that they are not seriously troubled by disease.’
    pesticide-free, additive-free, non-chemical, natural
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    1. 1.1 (of a product, especially food or drink) free from or produced without the use of artificial chemicals.
      ‘we use fresh vegetables and chemical-free poultry in our dishes’
      • ‘The Institute's 20-acre organic farm now feeds some 200 families in metropolitan Milwaukee and the surrounding area with fresh-picked, chemical-free produce through a community-based subscription farming initiative.’
      • ‘These chemical-free products are made without testing on animals at any stage of the production process - even on the raw ingredients - and all ingredients are natural.’
      • ‘Unable to locate organic pork for the dinner, she has commissioned a staff member to raise a pig on chemical-free kitchen scraps from the Resort.’
      • ‘In California, a company is now selling chemical-free bottled water specifically designed for pets.’
      • ‘Stick to natural, home-grown, and chemical-free products and you'll have a bountiful supply of healthful food choices.’
      • ‘This low-tech but ingenious solution is simple and inexpensive, and provides chemical-free water that plants thrive on.’
      • ‘Clean your bedsheets, especially your pillowcase, weekly with mild, chemical-free detergent.’
      • ‘If you would like to try chemical-free cosmetics and toiletries, the Women's Environmental Network has come up with these do-it-yourself alternatives.’
      • ‘Consumers have demanded leaner, chemical-free meat from animals reared, transported and slaughtered in humane conditions.’
      • ‘The herbs are 100 per cent chemical-free and are a great way to start your garden.’
      • ‘We have been supplying the hotel kitchen with chemical-free vegetables for some time, and we have applied to the Soil Association for organic status.’
      • ‘If you choose sesame oil, look for cold-pressed, chemical-free organic sesame oil for the best results from your massage therapy.’
      • ‘If you're looking for a nail polish brand that is completely chemical-free, you're out of luck.’
      • ‘Today, organic has become the preferred option for many concerned shoppers, keen to consume only naturally flavoured, chemical-free food and drink.’
      • ‘As part of our commitment to the environment and good health, we offer natural sheets and towels woven from chemical-free, unbleached cotton.’
      • ‘They cost more, and they are marketed to target today's health conscious consumer, but are chemical-free vegetables really safe to eat?’
      • ‘Certified biodynamic wines must comply with the toughest laws, so you the consumer can buy with complete confidence that they are chemical-free.’
      • ‘All-cotton mattresses are available in the US, but only with a doctor's prescription stating that the purchaser requires a chemical-free mattress.’
      • ‘A variety of chemical-free deodorants, including crystal products, is available on the natural health market from companies like Weleda and Jason.’
      • ‘Her crusade has led to the launch of her own beauty range, Jo Wood Organics, a line of luxurious bath and body products that are all chemical-free.’