Definition of Chellean in English:


adjective & noun

  • former term for Abbevillian
    • ‘Thus the evidence points clearly to the Chellean or Lower Tyrrhenian age.’
    • ‘This is a satire about the introduction of systematic education to meet survival needs in a prehistoric tribe in the Chellean times.’
    • ‘The most ancient stages are the so-called Chellean, followed by the Acheulean and then the Mousterian.’
    • ‘This article will take up the Eolith display, and the Pre-Chellean, Chellean, and Acheulian periods.’
    • ‘His search, however, was for proof of the use of a specific Chellean hand-axe style found in other parts of the world.’


Late 19th century: from French Chelléen, from Chelles, near Paris, where tools from this period were discovered.