Definition of chelate in English:



  • A compound containing a ligand (typically organic) bonded to a central metal atom at two or more points.

    • ‘Organic acids have been shown to increase the solubility of minerals and form strongly bound complexes and chelates with many metal cations.’
    • ‘Magnesium chelates, another supplement option, are easily absorbed.’
    • ‘Iron chelates also can be used for foliar application.’
    • ‘Stability constants of organic chelates on mineral or metal surfaces are thought to approximate levels measured by solution chemistry.’
    • ‘This can be managed with timely applications of iron chelates formulated for such purposes.’


  • (of an appendage) bearing chelae.

    • ‘The specimen bears three chelate pereiopods, with the first much larger than the others.’
    • ‘The first chelate pereiopods of galatheoids are long and often much longer than the remainder of the pereiopods.’


[with object]Chemistry
  • Form a chelate with.

    • ‘ALA not only may help chelate heavy metals but is important for replenishing GSH levels.’
    • ‘It chemically captures, or chelates, excess iron but must be given intravenously or by injection.’
    • ‘However, quinolones chelate with cations such as aluminum, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc.’
    • ‘EDTA chelates divalent cations and thus prevents the formation of the inactive complex.’
    • ‘When EDTA chelates the ions, the solution changes to the blue color of the indicator in alkaline solution.’