Definition of cheesemaker in English:



  • A person who makes cheese.

    • ‘By trial and error, and finally with the help of an expert cheesemaker, they learned the art of cheesemaking and now produce 30 kg of delicious cheese a month.’
    • ‘Most of the cheesemakers I spoke to seemed to have produced their cheeses almost by accident.’
    • ‘The reintroduction of this show gives cheesemakers the opportunity to exhibit their expertise and display the great variety of cheese they produce for us all to enjoy.’
    • ‘Master cheesemakers from across the country competed in 20 classes to find the best hard and soft cheeses, yoghurt, cream and butter.’
    • ‘Britain's boutique cheesemakers create some of the best cheeses in the world, capable of delivering smells and tastes as complex and multi-layered as the great wines of Burgundy or Bordeaux.’