Definition of cheeseboard in English:



  • 1A selection of cheeses served as a course of a meal.

    • ‘I ordered the Irish cheeseboard, but staff were at a loss to explain the cheeses: ‘Yes, they're all Irish cheeses and that one's cheddar.’’
    • ‘Another bonus is the cheeseboard laid out on the dresser.’
    • ‘A lady went into raptures about the cheeseboard, and the complexity of the flavour of the mature cheddar.’
    • ‘I decided to go to Cowgirl Creamery in San Francisco's Ferry Plaza, to get help selecting my cheeseboard.’
    • ‘After their meal, the children can play with the toys or watch the DVDs provided in the chalet before going to bed, while the adults enjoy a complimentary cheeseboard.’
    • ‘Anyone who thinks that the cheeseboard should be offered only with a glass of port on a cold winter's night had better hurry up and join the 21st century.’
    • ‘I must admit I'm missing the cheeseboard in restaurants (especially goat's cheese, which I love) so I can't see me lasting a whole month.’
    • ‘It's ideal for a cheeseboard or for cooking as it melts into a soft, delicate goo.’
    • ‘I thought it was a clever dessert for people who don't have a very sweet tooth and are drawn towards a cheeseboard.’
    • ‘We finished off with the cheeseboard and the trio of ice-cream, both beautifully presented, and decided to take coffee in the bar to carry on the great conversation we were having with our fellow diners.’
    • ‘When the cheeseboard arrived, he invariably asked his wife if she would like to take the ladies to ‘the powder room’.’
    • ‘And for dessert I had a cheeseboard whereupon I ate nearly my weight in cheese - fantastic!’
    • ‘I was at a friend's wedding, where the only grub on offer was a cheeseboard.’
    • ‘Our waitress was a little confused about the cheeseboard, but eventually delivered a faltering list.’
    • ‘Dinner parties with familiar friends from the chattering classes are wrecked by dissenting views way before the cheeseboard arrives.’
    1. 1.1 A board on which cheese is served and cut.