Definition of cheerleader in English:



  • 1A member of a team that performs organized cheering, chanting, and dancing in support of a sports team at matches.

    • ‘Anybody aged between five to 20 can become involved in the programme, which will see cheerleaders performing during all home games.’
    • ‘Some of the fans, players, coaches, cheerleaders and band members who made their way to the local stadiums did so at considerable personal risk.’
    • ‘Cute, perky, athletic and always daddy's little girl, the cheerleader is the darling symbol of American youth and feminine desirability.’
    • ‘All cheerleaders and band members please report to the gym at this time.’
    • ‘They strut for the cheerleaders, perform one-arm push-ups for the crowd, and preen for the cameras.’
    • ‘He also wants female cheerleaders and drill team members to be counted as athletes under Title IX, a policy the federal government has yet to adopt.’
    • ‘Of course, some American sports still have cheerleaders, but at least these girls actually do something.’
    • ‘To use an sporting metaphor, are cheerleaders members of the team?’
    • ‘The teams walked off the field as the cheerleaders walked on to perform their entertaining flips and cartwheels.’
    • ‘The football game had turned out to be a massive pep rally complete with cheerleaders, the band performing and raging football fans.’
    • ‘There was a guy sitting next to him with a camera in hand, taking pictures of not only the lacrosse team, but the cheerleaders as well.’
    • ‘The teams trudged off the field and into the locker rooms as the cheerleaders from both teams went to the middle on the field for their half-time show.’
    • ‘Four injuries occurred while the cheerleader was performing an advanced floor routine gymnastics stunt.’
    • ‘Most of the committee members were former cheerleaders who hadn't made varsity and were too old for JV, but still wanted to cheer.’
    • ‘Callie couldn't remember a time in her four years on the squad when the cheerleaders performed better.’
    • ‘It was a mixture of cheerleaders, band members, and the football players.’
    • ‘Attempting to be innovative, the organisers have roped in cheerleaders this year, complete with pom-poms.’
    • ‘At our school, instead of having cheerleaders support the boys' football and soccer teams, the drill team did.’
    • ‘In her younger days, Jan was a cheerleader for local speedway teams.’
    • ‘I shouldn't project my opinions of one cheerleading team on all cheerleaders.’
    1. 1.1An enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something.
      ‘he was a cheerleader for individual initiative’
      • ‘Well, obviously there are a certain number of cheerleaders out there, people with a clear ideological bent, and for them, this is a chance to grind that ax as never before.’
      • ‘Until then, he'll remain with the team as a coach and cheerleader.’
      • ‘He proves to be an enthusiastic cheerleader, without skirting over the hard work and determination required to land a job in this industry.’
      • ‘Stories like that led even the housing industry's top cheerleader to say the market has hit its peak.’
      • ‘To the pitcher, he is coach, protector, cheerleader and psychologist.’
      • ‘Party members have become cheerleaders for the government.’
      • ‘A coach can play any number of roles - mentor, motivator, cheerleader, consultant - but one thing she is not is a therapist.’
      • ‘‘Boards of directors are criticised for being asleep on the watch and too often acting merely as cheerleaders,’ he added.’
      • ‘Canadian films aren't as fragile as the most sensitive and nervous industry cheerleaders seem to believe.’
      • ‘Amy's friends became active cheerleaders for her progress, while still being there for her when she was down.’
      • ‘This has led all the media cheerleaders to hope that the worst is over.’
      • ‘It is more like self-help with an enthusiastic cheerleader.’
      • ‘Most of them aren't partisan cheerleaders, either.’
      • ‘I wonder if Uncle Joe's cheerleaders and supporters are aware of his unionist tendencies?’
      • ‘For several years this newspaper has been a lone voice in arguing that he is not the economic miracle-worker he and his unquestioning cheerleaders in the media would have us believe.’
      • ‘But her most vocal cheerleaders are her children Max and Stella, aged eight and six respectively.’
      • ‘On those rare occasions when a great motion picture reaches multiplexes, the film critic must add another aspect to his or her job description: that of cheerleader.’
      • ‘It's up to us to be the patrons, the advocates, the cheerleaders, the enthusiasts.’
      • ‘His religious supporters are his greatest cheerleaders.’
      • ‘Carter and Thistlewood, each in his own way, were cheerleaders of human progress.’