Definition of cheekily in English:



  • In an appealingly irreverent way.

    ‘he smiled cheekily at the camera’
    ‘she cheekily poked fun at her other half’
    • ‘She approaches her sources in a way that's both gleefully childlike and cheekily suggestive.’
    • ‘She told him she wanted a pony and cheekily advised him to start saving now.’
    • ‘This will keep staff from using the service to cheekily call other places for job interviews.’
    • ‘He cheekily followed it up by asking her for a date.’
    • ‘Up on a branch it sat, eyeing me cheekily, and continued to masticate the fruits of my labors.’
    • ‘They decided for a laugh to cheekily chance getting in there and were amazed when their ruse of posing as pressmen caught the stadium security off guard.’
    • ‘He attempts to stave off his billionaire's ennui by first robbing and then cheekily returning a $100-million Monet landscape from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.’
    • ‘When the royal siblings toured the Berlin school, an eight-year-old boy cheekily questioned the princess about the headgear.’
    • ‘Their densely packed, cheekily written catalog offers things like Russian microscopes, Cold War-surplus Geiger counters, and accordion halves.’
    • ‘If you are seven years old, ignorance is bliss, as this child proved when she strode up and cheekily asked for a picture for her family album.’