Definition of checks and balances in English:

checks and balances

plural noun

  • Counterbalancing influences by which an organization or system is regulated, typically those ensuring that political power is not concentrated in the hands of individuals or groups.

    • ‘Where is the conservative belief in limited government, in checks and balances?’
    • ‘Don't they show that the checks and balances of our system are still working to protect the rule of law?’
    • ‘When democratic governments rise to power, the checks and balances of democracy usually prevent rogue action.’
    • ‘The passing of the Cold War was therefore likely to unveil a new age of power politics, untrammelled by the checks and balances of the Cold War.’
    • ‘But how do we create checks and balances in a system that yields to consumer populism?’
    • ‘He sees the role of unions as limited to providing checks and balances within a capitalist democracy.’
    • ‘Democracy provides a system of checks and balances against any human beings getting too much power.’
    • ‘It forms part of the system of checks and balances against the government itself.’
    • ‘We live in a world where monarchy is largely a symbol and where even political power is subject to checks and balances, including media scrutiny.’
    • ‘New Zealand desperately needs checks and balances and a system that makes politicians accountable.’
    • ‘Under the circumstances, the government would seem to lack any real checks and balances on its power.’
    • ‘Associated with that is setting up a democratic system with full checks and balances.’
    • ‘It was influenced in part by its long exclusion from power, which educated it to the merits of checks and balances and a more pluralistic order.’
    • ‘We agree on so much: division of power, checks and balances, and such.’
    • ‘This, our system of checks and balances, is a fundamental trait of our current democracy.’
    • ‘Such measures can be implemented only by an authoritarian regime, free from any democratic checks and balances.’
    • ‘To ensure the latter, the constitutional system is full of checks and balances.’
    • ‘That was the beginning of the violation of the constitutional separation of powers and checks and balances.’
    • ‘The current system provides good checks and balances that ensure distribution is transparent and fair.’
    • ‘We need to make a bipartisan effort to work together and ensure proper checks and balances.’


checks and balances

/ˌtʃɛks ən ˈbalənsɪz/