Definition of checklist in English:



  • A list of items required, things to be done, or points to be considered, used as a reminder.

    • ‘A series of questions and checklists help readers to identify these emotions in themselves.’
    • ‘There are a number of good guides, information sources and checklists available so you won't have to start from scratch.’
    • ‘All delegates will be given sample policies, case reviews and record keeping checklists which they can use in their own organisations.’
    • ‘Strict compliance with technical data, checklists, and regulatory requirements is a must.’
    • ‘They frequently encounter officials armed with checklists ready to argue that they have done everything they need to.’
    • ‘There are detailed listings by state and even checklists by county.’
    • ‘We did not present our groups with a checklist of topics or require them to come to consensus.’
    • ‘Make a duplicate of the checklist and file it in a safety deposit box or with your accountant or solicitor.’
    • ‘They follow the same procedures as we do and have the same checklists.’
    • ‘And now they have to go through the whole series of checklists that are involved in the countdown.’
    • ‘This is a series of checklists and guides developed to help employer, employee, and employment adviser work together on the assessment process.’
    • ‘Skills checklists and an annotated bibliography provide a springboard for further insight and exploration.’
    • ‘The center also frequently uses the checklists to remind staff of what needs to be done and to get organized.’
    • ‘You need to create an operations manual that is essentially a series of checklists.’
    • ‘The viewers are also enlightened about the checklists used by scientists to determine whether a site is landslide-prone or not.’
    • ‘Before a pilot takes off, he goes through a checklist of every critical system on a plane.’
    • ‘It is a good idea to have a checklist highlighting your specific requirements.’
    • ‘The results are then tabulated in a series of checklists or grids to indicate possible or probable health effects.’
    • ‘Unlike some books on command and leadership, this one offers no checklists or recipes for success.’
    • ‘The timetable should have a checklist to ensure that all the main areas have been covered in time for the exam.’
    catalogue, inventory, record, register, roll, file, index, directory, listing, listicle, checklist, tally, docket, ticket, enumeration, table, tabulation
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