Definition of checking account in English:

checking account

(Canadian chequing account)


North American
  • A current account at a bank.

    • ‘The account, however, is not a chequing account.’
    • ‘She should establish an automatic investment account with a mutual fund family and draw money monthly from her checking account to invest in several growth funds.’
    • ‘In essence, they are using their checking accounts as short-term credit.’
    • ‘He objected to a proposed subsidization of deposit banking that would allow banks to continue to offer free or low service charges on checking accounts.’
    • ‘If I take money out of my trading account and put it in my chequing account, it's my money.’
    • ‘Can I link a savings account to a checking account to cover overdrafts and, if so, what is the monthly charge?’
    • ‘Few have bank checking accounts, savings accounts or credit cards that work.’
    • ‘The law made it possible for people to get their credit cards, checking accounts, investments, home loans, and health insurance from one company.’
    • ‘In any case, there is little evidence of disappearance of checking accounts and currency from modern life in any country.’
    • ‘‘If big corporations want to help out, they can put some deposits in our banks and run some checking accounts through us,’ he says.’
    • ‘The difference is that she handles the money, keeps the chequing account balanced and the bills paid.’
    • ‘That way, if the funds in your checking account aren't available in time, the bank will take the money from your savings account rather than bounce your check.’
    • ‘Yesterday morning my mom and I did insane power-shopping; I basically spent all of the money I have in my chequing account buying new clothes, shoes, and a purse (that I got for less than $20 when it retails for $60-it pays to know people).’
    • ‘Members entrusting their deposit and checking accounts with credit unions can save and borrow at reasonable rates with the same peace of mind as when using traditional banks thanks to federal insurance protections.’
    • ‘Banks would tend to lower reserve requirements, purchase government bonds themselves with extended credit in the form of checking accounts or bank notes and allow as collateral government bonds on private loans.’
    • ‘Of this amount, $72,907 is sitting in checking accounts or money market accounts earning 2.4% or less.’
    • ‘Take some money out of the checking account and put it into a diversified mutual fund account until retirement.’
    • ‘This means you can't get paid for distributing cash held in a checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit or money market account.’
    • ‘But the woman pitched him a package that included two checking accounts, two savings accounts, a credit card, a debit card, and online banking.’
    • ‘Well you have a chequing account of three-hundred-and-thirty-three-thousand, and you have a savings account of six hundred thousand.’


1920s: from check.


checking account

/ˈtʃɛkɪŋ əˌkaʊnt/