Definition of cheapness in English:



  • 1The quality of being low in price, especially in relation to similar items or services.

    ‘the relative cheapness of imported goods’
    ‘the ease and cheapness of Internet shopping’
    • ‘A taste of La Dolce Vita and the cheapness of the local property could have you planning an early retirement.’
    • ‘The weakening of lordship and the cheapness of land had provided conditions which the yeomen and gentry were best positioned to exploit.’
    • ‘Architects of the northern hemisphere are envious of the relative cheapness of Australian hardwood.’
    • ‘In the colors and shapes of all of these offerings, and in their cheapness and goodness, there is enormous beauty and life.’
    • ‘The emphasis each year on the cheapness of services is deceptive.’
    • ‘Conventional manufacturing is predicated upon the assumption that product variety and cheapness are incomparable.’
    • ‘The apparent cheapness of the shares hasn't escaped the attention of those on its discussion board.’
    • ‘Various techniques were used, including lithography, but woodcut and linocut tended to be favored because of their cheapness.’
    • ‘The simplicity and cheapness of this ordinary household material has often recommended it to painters, as well as for use in schools.’
    • ‘In recent years, millions have tossed aside their traditional land-based phone lines and opted for the freedom and cheapness of VoIP.’
    1. 1.1 The condition of costing less due to being of inferior quality.
      ‘the plastic chassis contributes a sense of cheapness’
      • ‘Its wartime advertising promised a plastic miracle world, but homefront substitutes reinforced an image of cheapness.’
      • ‘I appreciate an environmentally friendly design, but the packaging smacks of cheapness disguised as sleekness.’
      • ‘He knows how to hide the cheapness of the sets and gets a decent performance out of Williams.’
      • ‘If you can get this beer to nearly freezing temperature, it would be able to hide the extreme cheapness in quality.’
      • ‘Of course, the interior isn't finished in lacquered bamboo, but somehow they've kept the feeling of plasticky cheapness at bay.’
      • ‘From the first, its imitative qualities signified both technological ingenuity and second-rate cheapness.’
      • ‘Most of the shots of the old man under the sea were done in the dark or underwater, so the cheapness of the model is generally masked.’
      • ‘Spend less per roll on crappy cheapness, use more towels.’
      • ‘I was disappointed with the cheapness of the product.’
      • ‘Despite the deep leather seats, thick carpets and polished dashboard, the feeling is of cheapness.’
  • 2The quality of requiring little effort or sacrifice, especially where this is regarded as devaluing the outcome.

    ‘the cheapness of their humour’
    ‘I'm disgusted with the cheapness of this team’
    • ‘"The historical novel is, for me, condemned to a fatal cheapness," wrote James in a 1901 letter to Jewett.’
    • ‘Cheapness and cheesiness are what really count, not messages or subtlety.’
    • ‘He defiled everything political—in standards, in methods, in cheapness and vulgarity.’
    • ‘His opus ends up on top for the sheer indifference, cheapness, humorlessness, pointlessness, meanness, and ineptitude of the entire production.’
    • ‘The cheapness of so many extrovert renderings was here entirely absent.’
    • ‘In the morning, the bright lights are on and all the cheapness, pockmarks, and dribbles of vomit are visible.’
    • ‘The only satire going on, as far as I can tell, is the cheapness of this sort of prurience-as-moral-outrage.’
    • ‘This shoddy production design just reeks of cheapness and gives the entire film yet another air of unbelievability.’
    • ‘Criticizing the minister is all very well, but the cheapness of the shot does his opponent no favors.’
    • ‘Our reference is a cheap and nasty shot, as pointed out by a reader who, without stooping to cheapness and nastiness, can't even spell his name.’
    1. 2.1North American informal The quality of being selfish with money; miserliness.
      ‘my father's cheapness is the reason I feel ill when I lose even small amounts of money’
      ‘better to pay a little for backup now than regret your cheapness later’
      • ‘It used to be that ripped old Abe for his cheapness.’
      • ‘She was peering at me intently, as if she hadn't insulted the size of my rooms, the cleanliness of them, and my cheapness in paying my servants.’
      • ‘I felt guilty—and somewhat embarrassed—that my cheapness was giving my colleagues headaches.’
      • ‘It didn't take long for his reputation for cheapness to spread.’
      • ‘It wasn't just those close to me who had to deal with the results of my cheapness.’
      • ‘We share an unwholesome interest in matters like the appalling cheapness of Canadian game-show prizes.’
      • ‘This was a conscious choice on the part of the filmmaker, rather than a result of cheapness or lack of effort from the studio.’
      • ‘There were many continuing themes (such as Jack's cheapness) that were frequently worked into the skits or situations.’
      • ‘He wore darned socks and was legendary for his cheapness.’
      • ‘No one enjoys being smeared as a cheapskate, especially when that cheapness has been presented as a ruthless desire to take a profit at any cost.’