Definition of cheaply in English:



  • 1In an inexpensive way.

    ‘cheaply priced designer furniture’
    ‘cheaply made umbrellas’
    • ‘Investors acted too swiftly on concerns, and soon junk bonds were priced too cheaply in the eyes of market experts.’
    • ‘Once the license is obtained, the foreign investor reportedly can rent land very cheaply, and then build a factory and employ labor.’
    • ‘Each of these movies was shot cheaply, on location, in under three weeks.’
    • ‘The animation was cheaply produced, preserving a quality normally reserved for Saturday morning cartoons.’
    • ‘If someone could install it in my car cheaply, I could finally throw away all those adapters I've accumulated.’
    • ‘The shows themselves appear to be pretty cheaply made.’
    • ‘The pressure to make things cheaply is unbelievable.’
    • ‘Powdered milk from the U.S. sold more cheaply than regular milk from Jamaican dairies.’
    • ‘How can a given service be acquired most cheaply?’
    • ‘There is nothing we can grow here that could not be grown more cheaply elsewhere.’
  • 2In a way that requires little effort or sacrifice, especially where this is regarded as contemptible or exploitative.

    ‘peace of mind doesn't come cheaply’
    ‘some people forgive too cheaply’
    • ‘He has a real sensitivity to his work that frames his kind of insane associative irreverence very sweetly, and never cheaply.’
    • ‘Goals were cheaply conceded, while injury deprived Corrigan of some of his most potent options.’
    • ‘We treat our citizenship so lightly and cheaply.’
    • ‘They were struggling to get any possession at this stage and were guilty of giving the ball away pretty cheaply.’
    • ‘The band's multifaceted punk serves to hype the bass and drums over their cutting guitar noise and cheaply distorted vocals.’
    • ‘She refuses to use the incident cheaply, revealing she has the insight and awareness to make many more great films after this one.’
    • ‘I am wondering if "democracy" is only a word that's cheaply used while totalitarianism is the norm.’
    • ‘After the war, he cheaply and covertly fired Clark for being right.’
    • ‘All such shaming was done by women who considered some other woman as "giving herself too cheaply" or "having no self-respect."’
    • ‘You've responded strongly to the "cheaply smutty" language and jokes that some of the new sitcoms traffic in.’