Definition of cheap and cheerful in English:

cheap and cheerful


  • Simple and inexpensive.

    • ‘Like the roof structure, they are cheap and cheerful, but they are also robust and will need little maintenance.’
    • ‘The food is overpriced and pretentious, students want cheap and cheerful.’
    • ‘Tonight we are going to a flash restaurant, there are plenty of them here alongside the cheap and cheerful, you can easily spend 30 quid on a main course.’
    • ‘GM crops can increase productivity, improve crop quality and end the reliance on chemical pesticides; they are cheap and cheerful, need little maintenance and protect the crops' gene bank.’
    • ‘However, if you decide not to splash out, purchase something cheap and cheerful instead just to get one of the stores famous branded carrier bags.’
    • ‘The food is cheap and cheerful and there is nothing to worry about.’
    • ‘It seems that everyone involved has forgotten the golden rule for success in promoting any entertainment business - the customer is always right and the customer wants it cheap and cheerful, which a single channel could deliver.’
    • ‘The beaches were great golden expanses and the resorts themselves cheap and cheerful.’
    • ‘They want something that is cheap and cheerful that does the job.’
    • ‘If you want cheap and cheerful, you get cheap and cheerful.’
    inexpensive, low-priced, low-price, low-cost, economical, economic, competitive, affordable, reasonable, reasonably priced, moderately priced, keenly priced, budget, economy, cheap and cheerful, bargain, cut-rate, cut-price, half-price, sale-price, sale, reduced, on special offer, marked down, discounted, discount, rock-bottom, giveaway
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