Definition of Chavín in English:



  • usually as modifier A civilization that flourished in Peru c.1000–200 BC, uniting a large part of the country's coastal region in a common culture.

    • ‘The archaeological site of Chavin is one of the earliest and best-known pre-Columbian sites.’
    • ‘The archaeological site of Chavin gave its name to the culture that developed between 1500 and 300 B.C. in this high valley of the Peruvian Andes.’
    • ‘The centerpiece of the Chavin web site is a series of twenty-six 360-degree panoramic pictures of the site; you can use these to view the site as if you were standing on it.’


From the name of the town and temple complex of Chavín de Huantar in the northern highlands, where the civilization was centred.