Definition of chat-up in English:



  • often as modifier An act of talking flirtatiously to someone.

    ‘a chat-up line’
    • ‘I seem to be assembling a small museum of what I like to think were supposed to be chat-up lines.’
    • ‘Plus, they've got some truly wonderful chat-up lines at their disposal.’
    • ‘Anyway, I always find that you can never go wrong with a top-class chat-up line!’
    • ‘Lonely hearts can overcome their shyness and brush up on their chat-up lines at a new dating workshop.’
    • ‘The players are all very polite and the odd chat-up lines are always humorous.’
    • ‘Couples then form a line, boys on one side, girls on the other, and toss a ball back and forth while the girls do a good job of looking bored and the boys desperately practise their chat-up lines.’
    • ‘But cheesy chat-up lines don't play a part, she says.’
    • ‘Psychiatrists in Japan have created what they claim is the world's most effective chat-up line.’
    • ‘You try writing chat-up lines destined to be spoken by a man labelled ‘the greatest lover in history’.’
    • ‘He's small and chunky, with an inexhaustible supply of chat-up lines.’
    • ‘You, meanwhile, can basically pick and choose despite your awful chat-up lines and your bulging beer belly.’
    • ‘I'm waiting for some cheesy chat-up lines; I want as many as possible.’
    • ‘I don't know if that's a chat-up line or not, but it's just about the worst thing I've ever heard.’
    • ‘This girl, on the other hand, is available, and, I humbly suggest, very open to chat-up lines.’
    • ‘But the swarthy Greek waiter with the snake hips and the cheesy chat-up lines has suddenly turned into the man of your dreams.’
    • ‘Apparently, the above question was the most successful chat-up line in this experiment - that and the rather less inspiring: ‘What topping do you like on your pizza?’’
    • ‘If that doesn't qualify as an original chat-up line then nothing does.’
    • ‘Don't tell me he's never used it as a chat-up line.’
    • ‘No cheesy chat-up lines, no recriminations, too few regrets to mention.’
    • ‘No more seedy bars, inept passes or atrocious chat-up lines.’
    coquetry, teasing, trifling, toying, dalliance, philandering, romantic advances
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