Definition of chastisement in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃastɪzmənt//tʃaˈstʌɪzmənt/


  • See chastise

    • ‘So the people putting together the maps and the statistics deserve support, not blame or chastisement.’
    • ‘However, sadly, there are too many people for whom physical chastisement or emotional abuse is the normal pattern of behaviour, irrespective of whether they are natural born parents or a de facto partner of a parent.’
    • ‘Most people come to parenthood with a determination to spare their children the deprivations and chastisements of their own youth.’
    • ‘I fell victim to similar chastisements on the journey there, and I had merely bemoaned the lack of air conditioning.’
    • ‘One woman demonstrably took his side when it was obvious that our glances and verbalizations were chastisements.’