Definition of chassis in English:



  • 1The base frame of a car, carriage, or other wheeled vehicle.

    • ‘Indeed, the chassis and the wheel axle were specially designed to withstand such speed.’
    • ‘I think the combination of having an old motor in an old chassis just wasn't competitive.’
    • ‘There was no dirt on the brakes or wheels or chassis, anything like that.’
    • ‘This will allow another 12 vehicles to be completed from the unfinished chassis.’
    • ‘It is suspended on leather straps attached to a steel-sprung chassis with bright chrome wheels.’
    • ‘Another 300 workers are based in Guildford, Surrey, where it makes the chassis.’
    • ‘Mayflower has a long-term plan to build a plant that could manufacture vehicle bodies and chassis on a single site.’
    • ‘It really is just a chassis, an engine, four wheels and a surprisingly comfortable plastic seat.’
    • ‘It's a hot hatch with a superb chassis, but let's keep some sense of proportion here.’
    • ‘Wealthy clients will be able to order a car to suit their needs, based on the chassis and mechanicals of an existing model.’
    • ‘As you can see from the photos, the rivets form an integral part of the chassis, so rivet failure will require frame replacement.’
    • ‘The exhibit showed the chassis with the front fork and rear wheel assembly.’
    • ‘He made full use of the excellent equipment at his disposal: chassis, engine and tyres.’
    • ‘The chassis, engine, transmission and suspension must be efficient interactively and also suit the drivers.’
    • ‘This is a car based on a Tuscan chassis with a few changes under the bonnet and a different body.’
    • ‘Tubes should be positioned on the chassis of the vehicle so as they are not visible.’
    • ‘Apart from the chassis, engine and some of the mechanical components everything is different.’
    • ‘This procedure can also be done in hardtop vehicles to enhance chassis stiffness.’
    • ‘The same cannot be said for the chassis and bodywork, which are prone to corrosion and have often been repaired badly.’
    • ‘It's a gadget with wheels, which gets under the chassis of cars and lifts them up.’
    • ‘The end result, as you see it, is an engine, chassis, seat and steering wheel.’
    framework, frame, skeleton, shell, casing, structure, substructure, bodywork, body
    fuselage, hull, keel
    anatomy, carcass
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    1. 1.1The outer structural framework of a piece of audio, radio, or computer equipment.
      • ‘If there is a fault in the computer power supply, or if the electric socket is wired incorrectly, the computer chassis can become live and give a fatal electric shock.’
      • ‘The chassis is constructed primarily of aluminum, but the outer shell is all plastic.’
      • ‘Before you order anything you have to check your chassis number on this central computer to find out what one you need.’
      • ‘They earth themselves to the computer chassis using a conductive wrist strap.’
      • ‘The drive will even be available in different colors to match a user's computer chassis.’
      • ‘They have also shaped the chassis in front of the cursor keys to make it easy to slide your fingers into place.’
      • ‘Too many people are content with what they buy, all housed in a gray computer chassis.’
      • ‘An internal component within the interior of a computer chassis is accessible via a chassis door that may be moved into the chassis interior.’
      • ‘It is structured on a carbon fibre chassis as opposed to the aluminium constructed model.’
      • ‘The computer comes in chassis made of magnesium aluminum alloy and seems to be a very stylish one.’
      • ‘A method and apparatus is described for mounting a component in a computer chassis.’
      framework, frame, skeleton, shell, casing, structure, substructure, bodywork, body
      fuselage, hull, keel
      anatomy, carcass
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Early 20th century: from French châssis frame, based on Latin capsa box (see case).