Definition of chase the game in English:

chase the game


  • (in soccer) adopt attacking tactics, especially when losing, at the risk of being vulnerable to counter-attack.

    ‘we made the mistake of trying to chase the game instead of playing it tight’
    • ‘It would be as well, however, if Eriksson's players do not lapse back into their bad habits of the qualifiers and find themselves having to chase the game against Denmark after conceding a goal.’
    • ‘We tried to chase the game earlier than we should have done.’
    • ‘Without their experience we lost our shape and decided to chase the game.’
    • ‘Throwing off the restraint they had shown, Germany now had to chase the game and reverted to the high-tempo style Klinsmann has introduced.’
    • ‘Robinson was unusually nervy in the second half, as England chased the game, leaving space at the back.’
    • ‘Croatia can feel aggrieved by the half-time scoreline, but you sense it will be difficult for them to change their approach in the second half if they have to start chasing the game.’
    • ‘We gave a bad goal away minutes before half-time and ended up chasing the game in the second half.’
    • ‘It left us chasing the game when we had worked so hard to get level.’
    • ‘I didn't want us to be chasing the game and I'm pleased we kept doing the things which had paid off for us in the first half.’
    • ‘With the home team then obliged to chase the game, their defence would have been even more vulnerable.’