Definition of charter party in English:

charter party


  • 1A deed between a shipowner and a trader for the hire of a ship and the delivery of cargo.

    • ‘Upon completion of a voyage, officials of the Navy Board had to determine whether any of the cargo was missing or if there had been any abuses of the charter party.’
    • ‘Moreover the Deptford officials had specific instructions to see that each storeship was manned by the number of seamen called for in the ship's charter party.’
    • ‘This charterparty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English courts have jurisdiction in respect of all disputes arising out of this charter party.’
    • ‘The charterparty also contained Clauses which provided that the chartered vessel would be fully seaworthy on delivery.’
    • ‘The Company shall have the right to perform their obligations under this contract by using a tug or tugs not owned by themselves but made available to the Company under charter parties or other arrangement.’
    • ‘The provisions of these rules shall not be applicable to charter parties, but if bills of lading are issued in the case of a ship under a charter party they shall comply with the terms of these rules.’
    • ‘The shipowner could earn more at less risk by making sure there were demurrage clauses in the charter party.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the war the vessel's charter parties contained no provision for compensation to be paid for expenses incurred while a ship awaited convoy or was forced to lay idle waiting to be loaded or unloaded.’
  • 2A group of people using a hired aircraft or ship.


Late Middle English: from French charte partie, from medieval Latin charta partita ‘divided charter’, i.e. one written in duplicate on a single sheet, then divided in such a way that the two parts could be fitted together again as proof of authenticity.