Definition of charmingly in English:



  • 1In a very pleasant or attractive way.

    ‘picturesque processions through streets that are charmingly decorated with flowers’
    ‘seven or so charmingly illustrated children's books’
    • ‘The gaiety of a community festival is charmingly conveyed by a combination of Renaissance-era country dances and general tomfoolery.’
    • ‘Posthumously published were her extraordinarily vivid diaries and charmingly illustrated letters.’
    • ‘The recital was lively and charmingly refreshing.’
    • ‘It was a commendable, selective, and creative exhibition, with a handsome and charmingly designed catalog.’
    • ‘Leading the way was this meticulously moved, intelligently structured and charmingly dressed production.’
    • ‘Among the sculpture entries was a charmingly shabby conglomeration of 10 pawnshop diamond rings.’
    • ‘Here, the cuisine is always haute, the menu international, the table set charmingly.’
    • ‘From as early as 1703, he was making charmingly colored chalk figure drawings in the style of Correggio.’
    • ‘As one unwraps this charmingly packaged album, a myriad of shapes and sizes spill out like jumbled puzzle pieces.’
    • ‘A flaming red angel chases Adam and Eve from an idyllic landscape, charmingly rendered in great detail by the anonymous illuminator.’
    1. 1.1 In a very endearing way.
      ‘he seems both amusingly cranky and charmingly self-deprecating’
      ‘a charmingly goofy puppy’
      • ‘He gives a wry smile and lets out a charmingly high-pitched giggle at this last thought.’
      • ‘There's something charmingly relentless about the Muppets' resilience.’
      • ‘These fast-paced numbers are effortlessly infused with his charmingly wry sense of humor.’
      • ‘Eating only the tops of muffins is reported as their candidate's charmingly eccentric habit.’
      • ‘We find the vocalist at his most charmingly dolorous.’
      • ‘He laughed charmingly when I inquired if he was interested in succeeding the director general.’
      • ‘Not being a career politician, he could afford to be charmingly modest about his achievements.’
      • ‘She plays her absurd role with more conviction than seems possible, not to mention a charmingly ingenuous sexiness.’
      • ‘He portrays a charmingly nerdish Horatio.’
      • ‘Some say he is notoriously uncollegiate, even if charmingly so, but calling out the home secretary is a bold move by any standards.’