Definition of charlatanism in English:



  • See charlatan

    • ‘His tastes are certainly catholic, taking in performances less open-minded pundits might dismiss as charlatanism.’
    • ‘The origins and vicissitudes by which the field has passed have not always distinguished it from religion, alternative healing practices, superstition, and also charlatanism.’
    • ‘I have been accused of perfidy, malingering, duplicity, charlatanism and forty other words that I don't know the meaning of.’
    • ‘His mixture of naiveté, charlatanism, and singular devotion to a unique vision make him a genuine frontier spirit, a real-life American folk hero for the '80s, and a precious natural resource.’
    • ‘His spirit was critical and reform-minded, along the lines of the French philosophes, who defined themselves as the adversaries of superstition and charlatanism.’