Definition of charismatic movement in English:

charismatic movement


  • A fundamentalist movement within the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and other Christian Churches that emphasizes talents held to be conferred by the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues and healing of the sick.

    • ‘Approximately one quarter of all evangelicals identify themselves as affiliated with a Pentecostal church or as part of the charismatic movement.’
    • ‘The Roman Catholic Church has also embarked in this kind of liturgical show, through the charismatic movement.’
    • ‘The charismatic movement has influenced Baptists more broadly than just worship forms in the latter part of the century.’
    • ‘The charismatic movement has also proved to be an important factor in breaking down denominationalism.’
    • ‘She was baptized in the 1980s and is now greatly interested in the charismatic movement of the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘The visual, emotional TV culture paved the way for the rise of the charismatic movement and the growth of neo-Pentecostalism.’
    • ‘These new values were rooted in a charismatic movement bent on living in harmony with the kingdom of God.’
    • ‘Pentecostalism is a charismatic movement, in which prophecy is an important component and which thus regularly throws up powerful preachers and revival movements leading to ever more splits and denominations.’
    • ‘The charismatic movement holds different views of the church and of the role of the pastor - views that do not always fit with the traditional Baptist perspective.’
    • ‘A number have embraced the doctrines of grace and have left the charismatic movement.’
    • ‘Yet, the charismatic movement continued to make ground among New Zealand Baptists.’
    • ‘After decades of dead formalism in denominational churches, the charismatic movement seemed to bring great spiritual freedom.’
    • ‘In parallel with this, if running somewhat later in its time scale, has been the emergence of what can loosely be described as ‘the charismatic movement.’’
    • ‘This event marked the emergence of ‘Restorationism’ as a separate strand within the charismatic movement, distinct from the renewal.’
    • ‘The second major part includes essays related to the mid-century charismatic movement in traditional Protestant denominations.’
    • ‘It is the former understanding of exorcism which had been gaining, and continues to gain, popularity within the Roman Catholic charismatic movement.’
    • ‘The question of the relationship between baptism and the work of the Holy Spirit is not a new one, but the charismatic movement has provided a new perspective from which to view it.’
    • ‘More recently, even where the charismatic movement remains within denominational churches, it has acquired a Restorationist emphasis.’
    • ‘In the 1930s, the charismatic movement split Baptists in Sweden.’
    • ‘Paul Elbert gives a pro-Pentecostal assessment of global developments in the charismatic movement.’