Definition of charge account in English:

charge account


North American
  • An account to which goods and services may be charged on credit.

    • ‘The new billing system comes shortly after the municipality introduced the pay-by-phone system for paying monthly rates and service charge accounts.’
    • ‘The records of his business extend back to 1812, but those were only of charge accounts, so his business may have been in operation before that date with bartering as the medium.’
    • ‘As long as she has enjoyed a charge account at the department store, they have been making Oscar predictions.’
    • ‘On average, the victims of the most serious form of ID theft - which occurs when thieves run up debts in charge accounts they open in your name - spend $1,200 and 60 hours cleaning up their credit, the Federal Trade Commission reports.’
    • ‘Leff also offers his clients a credit card, which looks like a charge account from the customer's point of view.’
    • ‘If he said no to the duo's debit cards, he would lose the charge accounts, too.’
    • ‘Who knew that a $9 million-a-year pension, charge accounts at New York's finest restaurants, and all the roses you can deliver to your new lady love could be such a bargain for shareholders?’
    • ‘Orders can be charged to a credit card or preapproved charge account.’
    • ‘Dining payment options for faculty and staff include cash and a dining charge account (credits deducted from your paycheck).’
    • ‘A bookstore charge account may be obtained by any full-time student, matriculated part-time student, or University employee upon approval.’
    • ‘Still, she goes out and opens charge accounts using my credit and income and spends large sums of money.’
    • ‘The list of writers and celebrities whose charge accounts had been frozen was equally illustrious - a who's who of downtown cultural life.’


charge account