Definition of charcuterie in English:



mass noun
  • 1Cold cooked meats.

    • ‘When served with sliced charcuterie, gherkins, olives and bread, this is one thing I would rather eat than almost anything else.’
    • ‘One page of the menu is devoted to cheeses (domestic and imported), another to charcuterie, salads, meat and fish, the third to items from the wood-burning oven.’
    • ‘The advantage of the Ferry Building is also that I can get everything I need in one place: meat, charcuterie, cheese, dairy, chocolate, etc.’
    • ‘The first Bofinger was tiny: little more than a bar that served draught beers - it was the first establishment in Paris to do so - and charcuterie.’
    • ‘The usefully high acidity of Beaujolais makes a good foil to medium-flavoured meaty summer menus and garlicky charcuterie.’
    • ‘Along with the inheritance of pork came the European tradition of charcuterie.’
    • ‘My main reason to make the journey to Berkeley is to visit The Fatted Calf who make their own charcuterie and unique meat products.’
    • ‘Neighbouring diners were bought a small plate of charcuterie (not featured on the menu).’
    • ‘Typical items would be anchovies, sardines, slices of smoked fish, olives, radishes, sliced tomato (or other salad vegetable), various sorts of sausage and other charcuterie, etc.’
    • ‘Despite the odds stacked against us we managed to prepare a very pretty spread of green, red and yellow pepper crudities, mozzarella, tomato and basil salad, charcuterie, cheeses, nuts, crisps and other nibbles.’
    • ‘Next we had a selection of charcuterie from the Auvergne.’
    • ‘I was certainly grateful for the tip: we loved the salty-nutty taste, and it was a great change from the charcuterie that's most often used here.’
    • ‘It will boast a fabulous selection of freshly-baked French breads and patisseries, traditional charcuterie and delicacies and fine herbs and spices to whet any appetite.’
    • ‘There we dined on charcuterie, cheese, fish and humous accompanied by a variety of fresh breads and pink champagne with strawberries.’
    • ‘A local speciality is charcuterie - around 50,000 wild boar roam the island foraging for the chestnuts and acorns that give the meat its distinctive flavour.’
    • ‘We tried it on its own, then with a variety of nibbles, and found that a little charcuterie (cold cuts like ham, salami, dry sausage) helped somewhat.’
    • ‘Jeff finishes off cooking the last of the dishes before joining us to share a plate of charcuterie and a whole vacherin cheese, which has been melted in its box to make an instant fondue.’
    • ‘On the first July Monday, 2004 we were sitting at a pavement cafe in Montmartre, Paris where Fred was introducing Sam to the joys of charcuterie.’
    • ‘Besides over 200 British and European cheeses (trucked in from French and Spanish markets weekly) it stocks 40 different types of olives, oils, vinegars and charcuterie.’
    • ‘Tempting delights include a huge selection of cheeses, charcuterie and patisserie, plus freshly baked bread and cakes.’
    1. 1.1count noun A shop selling cold meats.
      • ‘I was at the charcuterie yesterday to buy a few slices of jambon de Bayonne, an air-dried cured ham from the French Basque country.’
      • ‘Michel Roux was born above his grandfather's charcuterie in Charolles in 1941 and, from an early age, he learnt to tell what day of the week it was by the smell wafting up the stairs.’
      • ‘Hey went out in the morning to the charcuterie, fromagerie and boulangerie.’
      • ‘I love the fact that the minute I walked into the charcuterie I heard French being spoken.’
      • ‘They'd move from charcuterie to boulangerie, passing over the pâté for some particularly succulent chickens or pointing out the exact baguette they wanted.’
      • ‘A veritable feast for the senses, the offerings here include the finest selections of bread, fish, meat and delicatessen products at the in-house boulangerie, poissonnerie, boucherie, charcuterie and épicerie.’
      • ‘It is traditionally a Christmas dish, but in Paris you can pretty much find it in charcuteries year round.’
      • ‘When not in class, he worked part time in the pastry department at the famous Parisian gourmet store Fauchon and spent his four week summer break at a local charcuterie.’
      • ‘Before 1900, peasants living in the suburban areas of Shanghai made their living by starting small businesses such as charcuteries.’
      • ‘Some charcuteries also sell veal sausages and terrines of game.’
      • ‘The preparation of blood sausage in the charcuterie's kitchen.’
      • ‘For us, the visit to the Charcuterie is always a highlight of the morning.’
      • ‘The group tasted wines at Saint Emilion, while gourmet picnics and shopping visits to cellars, charcuteries and cheese shops filled any gaps.’
      • ‘He has run the charcuterie in the square for almost 30 years; his parents ran it before him.’
      • ‘Just opened on the Shelbourne Road in Ballsbridge, this is a wine shop, tasting emporium, restaurant, charcuterie and bakery all rolled into one.’


French, from obsolete char (earlier form of chair) ‘flesh’ + cuite ‘cooked’.