Definition of charcoal filter in English:

charcoal filter


  • A filter containing charcoal to absorb impurities.

    • ‘Nor is it acceptable to blend red wine with white to create pink, or to strip red wines of almost all their colour by running them through a charcoal filter.’
    • ‘Our working theory was that these terrible qualities were caused by a lack of proper filtration, and that running it through a charcoal filter would remove some of the impurities causing these odors and flavors.’
    • ‘If you opt for a recirculating micro-hood, look for one with a charcoal filter, even if it's optional - they're much more effective at odor removal.’
    • ‘It has a charcoal filter, and it irradiates the water with ultraviolet rays.’
    • ‘The government could, for example, require all cities that use treated wastewater for drinking to install charcoal filters, although that would be costly.’
    • ‘The course also has a wash-water system that uses charcoal filters to help recycle water that has been used to rinse off maintenance equipment.’
    • ‘Vacuum your house often and use air cleaners with charcoal filters to remove fungus spores from the air.’
    • ‘Some have specially designed charcoal filters to absorb any odour from wind.’
    • ‘The filters use a combination of cleaning technologies, with a charcoal filter to remove odors in the house.’
    • ‘Using a glass cylinder to encapsulate the flowers, air was pushed through a charcoal filter and introduced from the top of each cylinder over the flower.’
    • ‘This device, manufactured in North Carolina, uses acoustical foam and a charcoal filter to dampen both smell and sound.’
    • ‘With this type of system, water is placed in one chamber and boiled to produce steam, which is then passed through a charcoal filter and condensed back into water in a separate chamber.’
    • ‘The water is sent through a silver-impregnated charcoal filter, pumped clear and fresh with power supplied by Alice or David and a converted exercise bike.’
    • ‘The company offers trash compactors with an integrated forced-air charcoal filter helping to control garbage odors and circulate fresher air.’
    • ‘Most have standard charcoal filters, which work well but need to be changed regularly.’
    • ‘Activated charcoal filters eventually become fouled with contaminants and lose their ability to adsorb pollutants.’
    • ‘We mimic soils that filter and absorb toxics with charcoal filters that need furnaces to reactivate their cleansing powers.’
    • ‘‘We'll be installing charcoal filters over the vents,’ says director of administration and human resources Jacqueline Turgeon.’
    • ‘Many cities can't afford the charcoal filters required to screen out the final traces of these byproducts from drinking water.’
    • ‘Do not chlorinate carbon or charcoal filters because it will use up their capacity.’