Definition of charango in English:



  • A small Andean guitar, traditionally made from an armadillo shell.

    • ‘They cooked and washed, men drank and played charangos, older kids whined about the rustic boredom, and Fabrizio, age five, made a first disastrous experiment with chicha.’
    • ‘Originally, the soundbox of the charango was made from the shell of an armadillo, which gave it a unique sound and appearance.’
    • ‘The haunting sound of the large pan pipes, the melodious sound of the charango and the moving atmosphere created by the violin bring this diverse repertoire beautifully together.’
    • ‘Instead, on lonely curves, we'd pass a young man in a tall, conical knitted hat and a bright embroidered jacket, walking along playing a tiny guitar, a charango, to himself.’
    • ‘All night, squads of dressed-up campesinos trotted through town, the men strumming charangos, the women shrilling praise-songs to whichever roadless hamlet they'd walked from.’


1920s: from South American Spanish.