Definition of chaptalization in English:


(British chaptalisation)


mass noun
  • (in winemaking) the correction or improvement of must by the addition of calcium carbonate to neutralize acid, or of sugar to increase alcoholic strength.

    • ‘In France, for example, winemakers for centuries have used a process known as chaptalization, which is the addition of fermentable materials - including cane sugar!’
    • ‘Not so many years ago the debate focused on chaptalization and acidification.’
    • ‘Chaptalization is common in northern Europe, where grapes have to struggle to fully ripen.’
    • ‘The purists mock the practice of chapitalization and refer to it as cheating.’


Late 19th century: from the name of Jean A. Chaptal (1756–1832), the French chemist who invented the process, + -ization (see -ize).