Definition of chaology in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • The study of chaotic systems.

    • ‘As requested by the organisers the talk will consist of my reminiscences of how the different intellectual streams of quantum chaology and Riemannology became intermingled, with benefit to both.’
    • ‘In the lecture some concepts of the emerging science of chaology are illustrated by means of a simple machine.’
    • ‘Yet their treatment from a quantum point of view - a subject called quantum chaology - proves to be problematic.’
    • ‘The new, interdisciplinary subfield of quantum chaology studies semiclassical, but nonclassical phenomena in quantal systems whose classical counterparts exhibit the transition to chaotic dynamics.’
    • ‘We want to lift the restrictions imposed on this old concept by the recent mathematical chaology, identifying only a family of dynamic processes transcending linearity, or the geometry of fractals, transcending scales and the integer-dimensions.’