Definition of chantlike in English:



  • Sung or spoken repetitiously or in unison.

    ‘chantike melodies’
    • ‘It begins with Gregorian chant-like background vocals then adds an ominous, vaguely classical, chugging brass melody.’
    • ‘From the shimmering chant-like beginning of "Samodado/Don's Tune," the listener is aware of the easy complicity between these musicians.’
    • ‘The song begins with a haunting keyboard intro, laced with sound effects, and ascends into a bright, airy, romantic ballad with a chant-like quality.’
    • ‘The slow, chant-like cadence means a single song may stretch over 20 minutes.’
    • ‘The philosophy of the album seems to be redemption through chant-like repetition.’
    • ‘With fuzzy synths, clunky drum machines, and a weird chantlike free-associative rapping style, the three touched upon being evicted from their apartment and living at home with their parents.’
    • ‘The song itself is a brilliant mix of chant-like vocals, pinging beats, and a deliriously catchy hook.’
    • ‘Beckley gives Palach and his mother evocatively modal, chant-like music in their solo sections.’
    • ‘A more-or-less continuous chant-like vocal line helps to make Jubilate one of the more approachable compositions on the disc.’
    • ‘Track seven boosts the creepy level a tad with the mournful, almost chant-like singing.’
    • ‘The piece begins with an unobtrusive, chant-like unison across the strings, which develops with pastoral grace.’
    • ‘The song's chant-like hook and lush strings make for a kicking, catchy aural carnival.’
    chanting, chant-like
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