Definition of changing shed in English:

changing shed


  • A changing room at a swimming pool or sports ground.

    ‘he's still in the changing sheds tying his laces’
    • ‘Then out of the changing sheds emerged my Father.’
    • ‘It's happening in changing sheds around the country.’
    • ‘Soon, there were boats to hire, paddling pools, changing sheds and a spectacular geometric 'carpet garden', flat as a living room rug.’
    • ‘They built changing sheds down at the beach that year too - and then watched them erode away out to sea.’
    • ‘They could get undressed in changing sheds at the beach.’
    • ‘The second half began badly for them when the All Blacks No 8 did not emerge from the changing sheds.’
    • ‘The All Blacks invited the Namibian team for beers in their changing sheds which is a huge mark of respect to a team that’
    • ‘Not that they complained in the breeze block changing sheds under the Poneke clubrooms.’
    • ‘Should they be allowing a male teacher to supervise girls' changing sheds?’
    • ‘It is a criminal offence to make, publish, or possess voyeuristic material of intimate situations, such as those in changing sheds or toilets, where people would reasonably expect to be private.’