Definition of changing mat in English:

changing mat


  • A mat on which a baby or young child is placed to have their nappy changed.

    ‘we placed him on the changing mat on the floor’
    • ‘You might want a changing mat or baby dresser with a changing top.’
    • ‘I leaned down to pick her up and didn't realize that the Velcro straps on the diaper were stuck to the changing mat on the table.’
    • ‘Reusable nappies are perhaps best avoided at the wriggly and wanting to crawl off the changing mat stage.’
    • ‘As all parents know, the space required for a person actually decreases with age, starting from the cavern required for a baby's bottles, prams, changing mats and other paraphernalia.’
    • ‘Essentials worth getting include nappies, loads of cotton wool, baby lotion, and a changing mat.’
    • ‘He was asked by a customer if he made the sort of baby bags that held infant paraphernalia and doubled as a changing mat.’
    • ‘Our backpack came with a changing mat.’
    • ‘When the flight attendants called for advanced boarding, I quickly whipped out my changing mat.’
    • ‘She's been threatening to start crawling for a while now, mainly while attempting to escape from the changing mat.’
    • ‘I set her down on her changing mat and she thrashed her head and kicked out every which way.’