Definition of changeableness in English:



  • See changeable

    • ‘Nathaniel Hawthorne and Mark Twain also wrote of nature, particularly the changeableness of New England weather.’
    • ‘Her changeableness and ‘playfulness,’ initially innocuous, turn menacing and finally destructive when she kills Clay after he has harangued her about himself and his tortured and hidden psyche.’
    • ‘There are only two things you can really depend on: one is the changeableness of life, and the other is the unchanging Self within you.’
    • ‘By seeing an entire life unfold in less than two hours, we gain a greater appreciation for the changeableness of human nature, and how things we might once have thought to be unthinkable turn out to be true.’
    • ‘As we refine our thinking, we must keep in mind the changeableness of an altered state.’