Definition of change up in English:

change up

phrasal verb

  • Engage a higher gear in a vehicle or on a bicycle.

    ‘what you notice with a diesel is the need to change up slightly earlier than in a petrol car’
    • ‘It's better to change up early, relying on the strong low-down torque and excellent gearbox to keep you rolling along at a reasonable pace.’
    • ‘Having merged the acts of engaging the clutch and slotting the gear home, this car can change up or down in 100 milliseconds.’
    • ‘There is a perceptible delay as you ask it to change up or down.’
    • ‘The car will change up if it reaches the end of the rev limit, which can catch you out.’
    • ‘It might still change up on you if you hold it on the redline, but for the most part this system has now evolved to provide manual control with auto convenience.’
    • ‘Elizabeth gave her attention to negotiating an awkward junction, and then shot another glance at her grandmother as she changed up through the gears.’
    • ‘It certainly powers nicely through third and fourth gears before changing up to cruise in fifth, but the benefits of all-wheel drive don't really extend to the petrol pumps.’
    • ‘When you change up however, you find out how clunky the shift can be.’
    • ‘Responsive and smooth, what really makes it shine is the logic behind the semi-auto gearstick: forward to change down; backward to change up.’
    • ‘The auto box changes up way too early and you're left gliding around the roads in a leather lined torpedo.’