Definition of change one's tune in English:

change one's tune


  • Express a very different opinion or behave in a very different way.

    ‘he'd soon change his tune if he thought she'd lost interest’
    • ‘He also accuses environmentalists, who were happy last year when the task force report came out, of changing their tune and saying the city needs a new garbage strategy.’
    • ‘But when they saw him play, they changed their tune and were impressed with his rapid development in Scotland.’
    • ‘Until I see a difference, I'm not changing my tune.’
    • ‘Within a couple of hours, however, they had changed their tune in the wake of negative feedback and agreed to discuss the situation further.’
    • ‘My parents always seemed to be understanding people but recently they have changed their tune and want to know what I am doing and where I am going all the time.’
    • ‘Given the growing popularity of your mix CD, have record companies since changed their tune?’
    • ‘I surprise myself in saying this, but what is so wrong with a woman changing her tune according to the man in her life?’
    • ‘I'm sure he changes his tune once he's stuck behind a desk encouraging his clients to sign on the dotted line.’
    • ‘Let's buy him some earplugs, and see if he changes his tune…’
    • ‘But when it comes to his own back yard he changes his tune.’
    change one's mind, think differently, express a different opinion, express a different view, sing a different song, sing a different tune, shift one's ground, do a u-turn, row back, march to the beat of a different drum, have a change of heart
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