Definition of change down in English:

change down

phrasal verb

  • Engage a lower gear in a vehicle or on a bicycle.

    ‘it is important to change down in plenty of time to avoid having to brake sharply’
    • ‘Gently increase acceleration and be prepared to change down through the gears to preserve momentum.’
    • ‘Under heavy braking, the gearbox changes down flawlessly, giving increased retardation.’
    • ‘I am not saying you should never brake because invariably you have to, but when someone in front brakes, assess the situation and lift off the accelerator a bit or change down to slow down.’
    • ‘This can become tiresome in cities, when what could be accomplished in second gear in most vehicles requires a change down to first in the Voyager.’
    • ‘I went in to the hairpin and changed down from fifth to fourth like I always had, and then it went into neutral and the engine stopped.’
    • ‘The driver uses the right-hand paddle to change up while the left one changes down.’
    • ‘As well as having a fully automatic setting, it also has seven pre-set gear positions, accessible by moving the lever back to change up and forwards to change down.’
    • ‘As you approach a junction in a car with a manual gearbox, you change down through the gears, which means that the engine creates drag and slows the car down.’
    • ‘It is necessary to change down to third gear to pick up speed, especially when overtaking.’
    • ‘It changes down beautifully, but upshifts are either slow or jerky or full of clutch-slip.’