Definition of chana in English:


(also channa)


mass nounIndian
  • Chickpeas, especially when roasted and prepared as a snack.

    ‘my cousin bought his channa, all crisp and peppered’
    • ‘These included cooked channa and cheese cake, table centers and artifices.’
    • ‘Last night I made Salmon Croquettes, salad with avocado, chana masala and brown rice.’
    • ‘Domestic God: ‘Know anything about cooking chana dal?’’
    • ‘I don't know, but there's good stuff in there - whole cardamom pods and oil-soaked potatoes in the saag aloo, whole cinnamon sticks and peppercorns in the dal masala, and just incredible comfort in the kabli channa.’
    • ‘Next up was bhatura chana, a dish of chickpeas in a sweet gravy, served on poori bread.’
    • ‘Organisers estimated more than 130,000 people visited Peel Park to hear dozens of free shows and sample the renowned mela food, ranging from pakoras and chana to chocolate crêpes and candyfloss.’
    • ‘Chickpeas, channa or garbanzo beans are very popular here.’
    • ‘Louise, being vegetarian, had fewer options, including chana masala, sag aloo and vegetable biryani.’
    • ‘There, over a plate of chana dal, her faith was rewarded.’
    • ‘Smokey Swallows will be offering oysters - perfect with a taste of bubbly, teriyaki chicken satays, sushi, lamb vindaloo, green chicken korma and vegetable chana dahl.’
    • ‘Scoop up the tantalizing layers of finest Basmati rice, melt-in-the-mouth pieces of meat, vegetables and channa and aromatic spices and herbs, right out of the traditional large ‘lagan’.’
    • ‘er yeah, i'll have a mild aloo saag vindaloo and a super hot chana korma please. weird.’
    • ‘My meal was yummy - I had aloo chana masala (chickpeas and potato in a spicy tomato sauce) with mushroom rice.’
    • ‘In fact, the variety of packaged Indian meals stacked in major super store chains is now making even Indian housewives pick up some ‘dishes’ like creamy saag and dry channa with chillies or dry gobi-aloo.’
    • ‘Sometimes the mother also sends down a bundle of savoury channa and beaten rice.’
    • ‘We also asked for a side order of saag chana (spinach and chickpea).’
    • ‘Mix the green chutney, boiled potato and channa together.’
    • ‘We had aloo chana, which is basically chana masala with diced potatoes instead of half the chickpeas.’
    • ‘One of the most common dals is made from channa, the Indian chickpea.’
    • ‘Indian food consists of curried chicken, potatoes, channa (chick peas), white rice, and roti, an Indian flatbread.’


From Hindi canā.