Definition of champak in English:


(also chempaka)


  • An Asian evergreen tree of the magnolia family, which bears fragrant orange flowers and is sacred to Hindus and Buddhists.

    Michelia champaca, family Magnoliaceae

    • ‘No garden is complete in India without its champak tree’
    • ‘The legendary champak, a member of the magnolia family, is a native of the temperate Himalayan region.’
    • ‘And she carried in her hand a champak flower; and she came up to the King, perfuming the air, and said: O King, my mistress sends her lord, by these unworthy hands, a flower, and if he has enjoyed good repose, it is well with her.’
    • ‘He planted peltophorum in many roads and an avenue with champaks in Malleshwaram and called it Sampige Road.’
    • ‘The champak odors fail like sweet thoughts in a dream’


From Sanskrit campaka.