Definition of champagne socialism in English:

champagne socialism


  • See champagne socialist

    • ‘The Flea's home in the Annex suggests television producers, academics and champagne socialism.’
    • ‘Let's say this is a structural weakness of his oeuvre and - what the hell - of champagne socialism in general.’
    • ‘In Oxford it seems that everybody loves him, and despite my champagne socialism I am no exception.’
    • ‘Representatives of all political viewpoints, even champagne socialism, are welcome to participate.’
    • ‘Lad culture has been discredited and champagne socialism has gone flat.’
    • ‘Is it legitimate compassion, or a self-serving identification with the fashionable causes of the day, a champagne socialism that can go hand in hand with the process of personal enrichment?’
    • ‘Balliol, predictably, are awkward too, eschewing a ball entirely in favour of a ‘Summer Event ’, presumably as Black Tie is a little bit too Black Shirt for their particular brand of champagne socialism.’
    • ‘He, for example, is the supposed originator of champagne socialism.’
    • ‘He is the best poster boy champagne socialism has ever had, and he's clearly drinking the finest vintages.’
    • ‘How firm are the foundations upon which his brand of champagne socialism have been constructed?’