Definition of chambray in English:



mass noun
  • A cloth with a white weft and a coloured warp.

    • ‘A blue chambray shirt with a button-downed collar was tucked neatly into the waistband of a pair of perfectly fitting black jeans.’
    • ‘This light blue point collar Gucci shirt is made from soft chambray cotton.’
    • ‘He stood there in worn jeans and a soft, blue chambray shirt, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, gazing at her with the most penetrating, ice-blue eyes she'd ever seen.’
    • ‘To produce cloth, yarn was ‘put out’ to local handweavers who made bed ticking, stripes, checks, chambray, ginghams, plaids, sheetings and shirtings.’
    • ‘Crosshatch denims, stretch fabrics, chambray denims, and leather thongs are some of the other pieces in the collection.’
    • ‘A guy who looked right out of The Old Man and the Sea (if the old man had worn tailored chambray and expensive jeans) darted to greet friends at a back table.’
    • ‘‘Between the green and yellow, go with yellow, because you can add chambray fabric to yellow and ‘boy it up‘if need be.’’
    • ‘He had no baggage and was dressed in blue jeans and a chambray shirt topped by a brown Stetson.’
    • ‘Not when you consider that variations of denim - chambray, pinpoint oxford and twill shirts - offer denim's easy care combined with considerable fashionable flair.’
    • ‘The catalogue ( has some loud party shirts or more modest floral needlecord and chambray versions for a beatnik 1960s look.’
    • ‘She wore a white linen chambray shirt that buttoned in the front with pearl buttons.’
    • ‘When I think of those, I think of suburban accountants who are in the Army Reserve and who wear them with a chambray shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and boat shoes.’
    • ‘The cloth was a heavy cotton resembling the color of beautiful blue chambray.’
    • ‘He wore his white chambray shirt and purple vest, black chinos, and leather boots.’
    • ‘The collection includes a multitude of hand painted felt and lace tops, waxed cotton shirts and skirts, chambray shirts, and pure wool skirts.’
    • ‘World War II brought blue denim and chambray dungarees for working seamen, while the postwar bell-bottom uniform yielded to a coat and tie in 1975, only to return, by sailor demand, in 1978.’
    • ‘He was dressed in stiff jeans and a chambray shirt faded nearly white, the sleeves rolled up over arms nearly as faded, and etched by pale blue veins and razor-blade-and-Bic-ink tattoos of Jesus, Mary, and a snarling Ford pickup.’
    • ‘A Coach catalog shows the dominant spring and summer fashion colors for women's accessories as pink, pear green, camel, white and chambray blue.’
    • ‘Other than the special sizing application, the greige fabrics are made of the same fibers, yarns and constructions as standard chambray or denim fabrics.’
    • ‘Also, a beige or a light brown khaki could work - or even a faded chambray blue.’


Early 19th century (originally US): formed irregularly from Cambrai, the name of a town in northern France, where it was originally made. Compare with cambric.